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Puzzle Punks

for curious minds, adventure seekers
and playful spirits

Your Gateway to Adventure & fun!

At Puzzle Punks, we bring you immersive escape room adventures and a cozy board game café, all under one roof, right in the heart of Brașov!

Escape Rooms

Embark on a Journey of Wonders!

Escape Room Brasov

Our escape rooms are more than mere games; they’re portals into thrilling worlds. Crafted with intricate mechanisms and immersive narratives, each room is a unique journey.

From unraveling GoT inspired mysteries to outsmarting piratey challenges, you’re in for an experience like no other.

Board Games Cafe

A treasure trove of board games awaits

Inside the Board Games Brasov in Brasov, at Puzzle Punks

Nestled on the 11th floor in the Civic Center, our café is a haven for board game enthusiasts, puzzle lovers, and anyone looking to have a good time with friends and family. 

With a panoramic view over the city and a rooftop terrace, it’s the perfect place to unwind, socialize, and play!

Our board games collection is a trove of strategy and fun. Gather your friends and embark on a board game journey like no other in Brașov!

Private and corporate events

Other playful offerings

Whether you’re planning a team-building event, a private party, or just looking for ‘what to do in Brașov for fun’, Puzzle Punks is the place to be.


Our doors are open for everyone – families seeking indoor activities, friends chasing thrilling adventures, and companies aiming to build stronger teams

Team Building

Boost your team's spirit with our specially designed team-building challenges. Foster collaboration, problem-solving, and fun, all in one go!


We host a myriad of events that are not just about solving puzzles but about creating lasting memories, forging new friendships, and rediscovering the joy of play in a cozy, vibrant atmosphere.

Private events

This year, chose something different an playfull to celebrate your most important events. Our loction can accomodate up to 40 people, but unlimited joy!

Affordable experiences,
Priceless memories

Whether you’re a student looking for a premium experience at a friendly price or a family seeking a fun-filled day, we have something for everyone! 

Our prices are tailored to ensure everyone gets to experience the magic of Puzzle Punks!

Hear It From The Puzzle Punks Tribe!

Escape Room Brasov

With an average rating of 5/5 across 500 reviews on TripAdvisor and Google, the joy we’ve spread is no mystery! 

Our patrons relish the ‘craftily designed puzzles’, the ‘immersive and wonderfully decorated themed escape rooms’, and the ‘fun and brain scratching’ challenges that make their time at Puzzle Punks a ‘highly recommended’ affair.

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Best fun in town . Many puzzles with a high difficulty ! The host was extremely sociable and helpful. I recommend this.
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Amazing experience for all of us, we had a great time, the children also enjoyed it a lot. I recommend for all those who like mistery and want to have fun
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Incredible room design. Fun and clever puzzles. I've done several escape rooms and this one is probably the best experience I've had.
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This experience was, by far, the best one which we played in Romania and I strongly recommend it. The decorations are extremely well built and the level of automation is really great. It is fast paced and filled with challenging puzzles.

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