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World Domination

Welcome to the game where every decision you make changes the world, whether for better or worse!

What is the game about?

This is a live role-playing, turn based strategy game that will reveal the true colors of you and your team. A combination of Mafia and RISK, where you can choose to invest in the environment, cities, shields or weapons… what happens next is your choice, in the attempt to dominate the world.

What is the goal of the game?

The country that achieves the highest “standard of living” at the end of the game will be declared the winner.
The winning country will receive the status of “Superpower”. Other teams will be able to distinguish themselves in alternative gaming categories.

How do you play the game?

This game is played online, via ZOOM. The players will be divided into teams, each team representing a country on the world stage. During the game, your team will have to make decisions, trust and bluff, negotiate or confront, make alliances with other countries.

How long is the game?

The Duration of the game is 2-3 hours. The game consists of 6 rounds of 15 minutes each. In each round you have to discuss within your team, make decisions, negotiate with other countries or participate in international debates.

Is the game difficult?

The game is not complicated, and does not require any special skills. You can definitely get comfortable with the rules and gameplay in the first 10-15 minutes of the game. The winner is not the one who remembered best the rules, but the one who knows best how to negotiate. 

Game play

In each round, your team will make decisions on a number of issues related to the economy, defense and political relations with other countries.

Each country has 4 main cities that generate income and determine the standard of living. You can develop your cities and your rivals can attack them.

The main goal is to achieve the best „standard of living”. To do this, you can:

  • grow your economy by investing into the development of your cities
  • build shields to protect your cities and/or develop weapons to attack other countries
  • invest in the enviroment
  • create alliances with other countries and send envoys to negociate

In the game, no one forbids bluffing. You can make promises to your competitors and then break them. But expect them to do the same.

Game variables

💰 Budget

Each team has a budget, and each game action in the game costs money. The more money you have, the more actions you can perform in the game.  At the start, each team has 1000 budget units.

😎Standard of Living

 Each of your cities has a certain standard of living. The average standard of living from all four cities is the standard of living in the country, the main game indicator. If you invest money in the development of the city, the standard of living in it will increase. The income level that the city will bring you in each round will also increase. If the city is attacked and destroyed, the standard of living in it will drop to 0, and this will significantly ruin your average standard of living in the country.

♻️World Ecology

This indicator is the same for all teams. The level of ecology affects the standard of living in all countries and income generated by each city. Ecology goes bad if someone develops nuclear technology, produces or launches bombs. Ecology improves if someone invests in an environmental program.

Game Actions

In each round you can perform several game actions. Each game action has a cost, so you are constrained by your budget. The consequences of your actions will take effect in the next round.

Action Price Effect Extra info
Invest in city development 150 +20% to city earnings You can develop the city ad infinitum, not only up to 100%
Build a nuclear shield 300 The shield will protect the city from one nuclear strike The shield will remain until the first nuclear strike against the city. If 2+ bombs are being dropped on the city in the same round, the first one will destroy the shield and the second one will destroy the city
Launch environmental program 200 ecology around the world will improve by 20% The higher the ecology, the higher earnings and standard of living for all countries and cities
Research nuclear technology 500 The technology will give you the opportunity to produce weapons, but the world’s ecology will worsen by 3% You can invest just once in this tehnology.
Produce bombs 150 You’ll have bombs in your arsenal, but the environment in the world will worsen by 3% with every bomb produced Bombs can only be made the next round after you researched the nuclear tehnology.
Perform nuclear strikes 0 Attack  an opponent’s city, the ecology in the world will worsen by 3% of every missile launched. You can attack a certain city only once per round, though more countries can attack the same city in the same round. Your opponent will not know who attacked him.
Impose economic sanctions 0 Your opponent’s income will decrease by 10% The opponent will be aware that it was you who imposed the sanction.
Send a spy 200 You can find out if the opponent has nuclear weapons in their arsenal and which cities have their shields installed In one round, you can get intelligence only for one country. Each team can send maximum 3 spies in a game. For information, contact the game master.

Game console

The image below represents the game console your team will get access to during the game. Hover over it to get tooltips about the options available to you in each round. Before the end of the round you have to confirm these orders, so they can create effects when the round ends.

Zoom Conference

The main action of the game will take place inside a Zoom conference. 

Before the meeting or just at the begining of it you will be assigned to a country that you will represent. We reccommend to rename yourself, adding the country code of to your name (for example: [RO] Puzzle Punks).

The conference will be held both in the „Main Room”, where you can see all the players at the same time and where international debates will take place, and in the „break-out rooms” where each team can discuss their strategy without prying eyes and ears. Switching between break-out rooms and main room will occur automatically at the end of each round. You can also ask the host [UN Observer] to send you “on a visit” to another team for negotiations. 

Each country will have to assign a president, which will be in charge of handling the game console and issue orders through it. While in Break Out Rooms, the president will share his screen with the game console window, so all participants in that team can see the overview of the country and the competitors, and make informed decisions together based on the team’s strategy.

Basic Zoom tools

Below you can find few zoom tools you might need to use for a better experience.

Camera – Keep the camera on so that players can see you. Next to the “Camera” button there is a drop-down menu where you can choose your own virtual background (we recommend downloading the flag of the country you are assigned and set it up as your virtual background)

Microphone – When you want to say something, make sure your microphone is turned on. If you are not talking, we recommend that you turn off the microphone so as not to create unnecessary noise. During the game, the host can mute all participants and give the word only to certain players. Please respect this.

Screen share – this function is useful while inside the breakout rooms, where the president shares the game console with his team mates, so they can all discuss the strategy in place

Chat – In addition to live communication, you can exchange information in chat. Keep the chat open. During the game The host  will send important information to the chat, do not miss it!

Reactions – You can show “Thumb up” or “Raise your hand” at any time in the game to attract attention

Help – While in the “break-out room”, you can call the host at any time. For example, you can ask him to send you with a delegation to another country.

Awesome! Let's play!

Thank you for taking time to read the game instructions. Now you are ready to conquer the world!

For any questions, please contact us at play@puzzlepunks.ro